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The Foundation is proud to launch two innovative programs that use technology to improve the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.

iCan Communicate
is designed to facilitate communication for individuals with Down syndrome that have limited speaking ability by using the iPad.   In partnership with UCF, FAAST Atlantic Region Assistive Technology Demonstration Center and UCF Communication Disorders Clinic, The Foundation is taking advantage of the latest technology, local expertise and excellent University of Central Florida team to provide a meaningful and innovative program to bridge the communication gap for individuals who are non-verbal or have limited communication ability.   Learn more here.

iCan Read
is designed to encourage and facilitate reading, reading comprehension and reading fluidity in individuals with Down syndrome.  In partnership with Quality One Wireless, The Foundation is providing 21 Commtiva n700 Tablets (that operate on the Android platform) to help make reading and all the skills that lead up to reading (letter recognition, phonics, spelling, etc) engaging and fun!  Individuals with Down syndrome can learn to read before they are 3 years old (and it doesn't require technology to do it).   Because reading is a fundamental skill that is necessary in life and for academic success, The Foundation wants ALL of our members to learn to read regardless of their age.  
Learn more here

iCan Work!
is designed to help ensure individuals with Down syndrome are engaged in meaningful employment.  One aspect of the program is to facilitate the transition from the school system to the work environment, however,  it is also open to adults who have completed school and are now interested in joining the workforce.  Elements of the program include a Discovery Process to determine the proper placement of the individual, training with Vocational Rehab and supported employment provided in partnership with The Foundation, Bishop GradyVillas and APD Area 7.  This program is for any adult with Down syndrome 18 years old or older in the Central Florida area (Area 7 APD Region).  
Learn more here.

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