A little assistance can go a long way....


The FOUNDATION IEP Scholarship Program

The purpose of the FOUNDATION's IEP Scholarship program is to help give parents a little extra help when they become 'stuck' in the Individualized Education Plan process. There are times in your child's life that it may take the assistance of a professional to help you navigate the waters of the public school system, IDEA regulations, McKay Scholarships and/or just help balance the dynamics of the IEP meeting room.

This scholarship program is designed to provide short term help to families who need a bit of extra assistance on occasion. We will approve requests on a one-by-one basis on an as needed basis. 

The FOUNDATION has partnered with IEP Advocacy and Coaching to provide our members a series of training workshops to better prepare parents for their on-going success with the legal documents that outline your child's education.  We ask that our members try to attend those sessions prior to requesting a scholarship. (Two free hours of coaching are given to each participant for several of the workshops.) We prefer to teach you to 'fish' so you can be self-sustaining as much as possible since the IEP document has to be updated every year. At the same time, we understand there are circumstances that require more assistance and we are here to help.

You are welcome to use the advocate of your choice with this scholarship, as long as you have established a relationship with them, and can submit a work plan to resolve your pending issue.
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