Captains, create your 2020 TOUR OF CHAMPIONS TEAM...

To create your PERSONAL Page and your TEAM Page:  (every Team Captain will have both a personal page and a team page)

1. Select START OR JOIN A TEAM (See images below)
2. Choose the CLASSIFICATION you wish to use to register (if you are a Team Captain, choose Bowler).  If you cannot join us on 2/16 you can create a VIRTUAL TEAM and help us meet our fundraising goals from wherever you are!

3.  Create a Team (if you are the Team Captain) or Join a Team if your Captain has already formed a team. 

4. Complete your registration by naming your team and setting your TEAM and INDIVIDUAL goals.  You can also add children or other bowlers at this time.

5. Now, you can go to your DASHBOARD and EDIT your PERSONAL AND TEAM PAGES. For instructions how to update your pages and use our fundraising tools visit our Coach's Corner once you have completed your registration.


To register your BOWLERS (up to five individuals bowling), your TEAM must raise a minimum of $200 by 10/31/19 ($250 as of 11/1/19 and $321 as of 12/31/19). Once your TEAM reaches this minimum threshold in funds raised, you will have a lane assigned to your team. You can register your bowlers at the Team Captain, once your Team page is set up or you can email anyone who you wish to join your team and they can register on their own.  You will see registered Team Members on your Dashboard under Manage Registrants.

We've made it easier amd more fun than ever to meet you fundraising goal this year!
More questions? Visit our
Bowl-a-thon FAQ page!

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